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       What does the term mental health mean to us?

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Hi my name is Selvin. I am from San Joaquin County and I will be a sophomore. Some of my hobbies include music, reading and transcribing music. Mental health for me means the state of mind you are at in the moment, which can include positive or negative emotions


Hi! My name is Michael and I’m from Oakland. I enjoy playing a variety of different sports but also enjoy playing video games as well as spending time with friends and meeting people. I think that mental health is often overlooked and that there is a lack of awareness of it, which is why I think it is really important to practice things like self care.


Hello! My name is Michelle and I’m from San Francisco. I enjoy hanging out with my cat and volunteering for my community. To me, mental health is the state of one’s mental wellbeing and taking care of your mental health is about finding balance and healing.


Hiya! I’m Sydney from Australia— just kidding, I’m from San Leandro! In my free time I enjoy painting, reading, and binge-watching shows. To me, mental health is something that impacts all of us no matter how insignificant you think it is. Which is why it’s crucial to set boundaries and take time for self-care and love.


Hi my name is Deani, and I live in San Francisco. I enjoy binge watching shows on netflix, keeping my body for track, and hanging out with my family. Mental Health can have a different meaning for many people, but for me it means certain emotions you go through, during the different stages of your life.


Hi my name is Andrea and I'm from Oakland, CA. Some of my hobbies are watching a lot of movies, making art, and listening to music. To me, mental health is understanding the overlooked needs of yourself and the people around you.


Hey, I’m Michaela. I live in Oakland. Some of my hobbies include coding, writing, and listening to music. To me, Mental Health is a spectrum of feelings and or actions that are sometimes indescribable.


Hello, my name is Anthony. I am located in San Leandro. My hobbies include reading and playing basketball. To me, mental health means having people around to support you when you’re in times of need. I think being able to talk to someone about your problems and relieve stress is an important aspect of mental health.


Hi! My name is Alice and I am from Oakland. During my free time I like to read, draw, and volunteer in my area. Mental health to me is having an understanding of yourself and knowing there are people out there to help you. :)


Hey ya'll, so glad you decided to check us out! I am out here in San Francisco and some of my hobbies include reading, traveling, creating art, and penny-boarding. To me, mental health is all about accepting yourself and understanding that you aren't alone.


Hello, my name is Sierra. I am an upcoming sophomore from San Francisco. My hobbies include participating in advocacy organizations and I am a competitive gymnast. Mental Health to me is a prevalent topic to people of all ages, and it is important that more people are aware of its affect on others.


Hi, I'm Sammi, and I will be a sophomore this year! In my free time, I enjoy baking and reading. Mental health is something everyone should be aware of. It is just as important to maintain your mental health, as it is to maintain your physical health.


Hey! My name is Angelo. I am a rising Sophomore at Jefferson High. Some of my hobbies include, sports, going to the gym, and listening to music. Mental health to me is something I take seriously and account of in any relationship because it hurts me knowing someone I care about is suffering.


My name is May and I’m from San Francisco. I love reading, drawing, music, and learning new things. To me, mental health means being aware of your thought processes and noticing when you may want to take a break so that you don’t get overwhelmed—this also means taking care of yourself!

Nathan Millan

Good day! I am Nathan from San Jose and I go to Bellarmine College Prep. If I am not working or learning I enjoy drawing, playing video games, playing basketball, or watching movies/tv shows. From my perspective, mental health is an issue that can occur to anyone anytime and anywhere. That is why people should seek help or support and not be ashamed.

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